June 1st Deadline for Summer Program

Building Better Men will be running a “Blended Male Mentoring and Literacy Academy” throughout the summer, starting on June 14th and running through August 23, 2021.  In these sessions, young males will receive both support in learning strategies as well as instruction in physical activities such as golf, tennis, cycling, and soccer.  Additionally, lessons will be provided that can help in applying for golf caddy openings.  Refreshments will be provided at each session
There is a limit on open spots, so interested parents should sign their child up quickly, with a June 1st cutoff date.  Registration forms are found at https://www.buildingbettermen.org/enrollment/
Building Better Men thanks its sponsors for this program, including Tailor Made Learning LLC, Royal Oak Golf Center, Lexus Velodrome and the U.S. Tennis Association Southeastern Michigan District.