Golf and Cycling Lessons Get Positive Start

Our young males in the Building Better Men program have gotten off to a successful start with our golf and cycling lessons.  Our first four-part Golf Academy, taught by PGA (Professional Golf Association) Matt Berger  started on Friday, May 7. and will run through June 4th.  Two more 4-part summer sessions are still available with a limit of 20 boys/session. Our young men are taught basic golfing skills and etiquette, the qualifications needed to be a golf caddy, and an understanding of how business networking can be accomplished during a game of golf.
Additionally, a recent session held at the Lexus Velodrome allowed them to learn the basics of cycling as well as to experience an exciting cycling competition.  The accompanying pictures tell the story of these events.
Building Better Men thanks its sponsors for this program including Royal Oak Golf Center and the