Our Programs

Our Philosophy & Approach

The philosophy and approach to delivery of the Building Better Men service is to address the complex needs of male youth and provide prevention and intervention through age-appropriate advice, practicing and developing social skills, offering positive role models, and creating positive alternatives to delinquent behavior. 


Our program is provided in (4) 12-week sessions.


Our program includes 30 young men per session.

Our Methodology Consists of:

  • Small reading groups
  • Interactive group workshops
  • Relevant participant role-play
  • Male encouragement conferences
  • Educational collegiate tours
  • Recreational field trips

Life Skills

The B2M program offers courses that teach proper culture of speech, etiquette, common courtesy, appearance, hygiene, table manners, control of emotions and conflict resolution.

Literacy Enhancement

It is statistically proven that Black boys that can’t read by the 4th grade are more likely to be incarcerated. The B2M Literacy Enhancement program seeks to ensure that its participants are able to read and comprehend at the reading level appropriate for their age and grade level. The importance of knowing how to read is stressed, along with the importance of comprehending what one has read. Reading different kinds of books is encouraged along with sharing and suggesting books for other participants to read.

Early Career Exploration

The Building Better Men program has found that having a pathway that leads to discovering a young male’s true interests early in life proves to be rewarding in many ways.  It equips young men to climb the professional ladder quickly, improves networking skills, and allows them to determine if this is a career or business they plan on staying with short term or long term. The B2M program has established an Early Career Exploration program to assist participants with discovering where their true passions and interest lie with college and trade school tours coordinated each session.  Apprenticeships are also available with the Building Better Men program.

Cultural/Recreational Field Trips

Enabling our young men to experience cultural and recreational experiences also plays a crucial role in their development. Past programs have included golf lessons, music lessons and trips to museums.  Program participants have also been sponsored to attend Detroit Lions and Detroit Pistons games each year. These activities both help open our young men’s minds and skill sets to new experiences as well as providing avenues to illustrate applicable social behaviors.

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