B2M Announces New Letter Writing Series

Building Better Men has announced its new “It’s Possible” Mondays online program beginning on Monday, April 26, 2021 from 6 – 7 pm, focused on a new 4 week Letter Writing Series. We will be teaching young men how to express their feelings through writing letters. This will also help the attendees improve their writing and English skills.

The series is being led by Erinn Reed, owner and operator of Tailor Made Learning, LLC. A former teacher, Ms. Reed has nearly 20 years of teaching experience, as well as 11 years of tutoring experience.

This program is available at no charge to any males aged 8-17. Delivered via the Zoom conference web platform, this program can accommodate up to 100 boys. Parents interested in having their child participate in “It’s Possible” Mondays, can fill out an enrollment form at https://buildingbettermen.org/enrollment.  An email will then be sent with further information and the log-in credentials.