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B2M Mentoring Program

The Building Better Men (B2M) mentoring program is a community based program that educates and empower young males ages 6-17 to become responsible leaders in society so they can carry the mission of “Building a Better Man”. It sounds simple but it requires a dedicated team of thought provoking leaders to DRIVE the youth toward PURPOSE to EXCEL in the hardest times to PURSUE a DREAM that CREATE an IMPACT which CHANGES THEIR LIVES!

“Building Better Men” team of community mentors provide leadership, character development and professional training to all of our B2M mentees. We encourages previous B2M leaders to stay involved with our current mentees.

If you are interested in starting a “Building Better Men” group in your church, community organization, or facility, please contact Odis Bellinger.  Mr. Bellinger will come out to your location, train your staff to start a B2M program, and then CELEBRATE with you as a member of the “B2M Family”.

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