Male Responsibility Institute


Male Responsibility Leadership Program

A male leadership program created to enrich and save the lives of young males from ages 6 to 17 years old.   The mission is clear “keep young males out of funeral parlors, the juvenile justice system, and prison”. How do we meet this mission every day? Creative activities that consist of academic, recreational and cultural excursions that brings consistent value to the youth and the community. We have a ten week curriculum with pre and post tests, teacher/parent observations, and mentee progress reports to measure the participant knowledge attained.  Our programs are currently in Detroit Public School system, and other school districts, and also community based organizations  We also conduct male student assemblies, and host Male Responsibility Leadership forums/conferences.

Our goal is to partner with your school/community based organization to improve the lives of our young males, while also encouraging high academic standards, and improved school behavior.  Contact Odis Bellinger for a meeting to discuss how your students/community males can become the next LEADER in their community!!!

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