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What people are saying about Odis Bellinger and the Building Better Men (B2M) mentoring program:

I have known Mr. Odis Bellinger for 20+ years. We were former co-workers early in both of our professional careers. He has always had a genuine heart to help young people, especially those who live in an urban setting. He has also been very instrumental in developing programs which have been proven to help youth modify their negative behavior and improve academic achievement in the Detroit Public Schools system.

Tonya Allen
President & CEO at The Skillman Foundation
Headquarters-Detroit MI

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Mr. Bellinger is the real deal. His desire to help all young men to succeed is a genuine labor of love. It is clear that his mission is to help build and scaffold a foundation for the young men of our community. His intense focus, dedication and strategic direction is helping to ensure that we have productive, civically engaged men that build strong families and communities. In a world where there are so many needs and it’s easy to focus on addressing just one, Mr. Bellinger understands that saving our young men requires a multifaceted approach. He shares a treasure trove of strategies to reach our young men where they are; Sharing applicable skills that the young men can use today in School, sports, work and the community.

Kelly Young Raymore
Building Better Men mentoring program Parent.

I used to cry everyday because my father was not in my life. Mr. Bellinger helped me to understand that I can make it in life, and that I am worth something. That made me feel good about myself. Now I am on my way to becoming an honor roll student.

Building Better Men mentee

Odis Bellinger continues to tie the community together. Odis has served as a great mentor for the Money Matters for Youth Program. He is great with youth and provide life-changing, engaging and interactive presentations. He is a definite asset to the community and a great role model for young men.

Gail-Perry Mason
Writer at Heart and Soul Magazine, Author at Author, Girl Make Your Money Grow! and Founder at Money Matters for Youth

Odis Bellinger a man amongst men. OB passion and heart and for young people is unmatched. If this was basketball he would be Michael Jordan and everybody else would just hope to be in the conversation. Every since I have known OB he has continued to reinvent himself and young people has always been at the center of his mission! He is an inspiration to all males young and old, and myself personally have admired admire his dedication, commitment and sacrifice to this game of saving young folk lives!!. This is guy is the real definition of black make success on all levels and nothing but great things are in his future and in the future of those that are connected to him. If you pay attention closer to his message I guarantee you,” “THERE IS NO REASON WHY YOU CANT WIN”

Kendall LeSure
Dean of Students
Detroit Henry Ford High School
Detroit MI

Mr. Odis Bellinger is a dedicated mentor/speaker to youth, throughout the city of Detroit. His vision and work, continues to change the narrative by empowering the lives of young black men in our communities. I have been privileged to see his work firsthand, in his unique B2M initiative. Mr. Bellinger is driven to speak into the lives of our youth, by providing sound wisdom, inspiration, education, and hope. The B2M program is a shining light, in the lives of our youth and truly worth supporting. I admire the work of Mr. Bellinger and his passion, to uplift the lives of our youth, through his B2M program.

Dr. Eddie Connor
Author, International speaker
Boys to Books

The organization B2M has outstanding endeavors for young men in the community. Leadership, organizing events, communication skills, awards for young men, higher achievement goals and most oa all LOVE!!

I am so proud of the interaction between the mentors and mentees for all that is done for the community.

Ms. Hampton
Mentee parent

I have known known Mr. Bellinger for over 35 years. He has always been a standout in his character and capabilities. The work he is doing for our boys and community is commendable and I fully endorse it. His passion for the development of one of our communities greatest assets-boys is imperative if we are going to salvage our families and communities.

Loving and Developing People,
James R. Womack, M.H.S.A., Th.M.
Sr. Pastor, Destiny Church
Fort Worth, Texas
Destiny Church:

The Building Better Men Program has been recognized as a top resource for developing male leaders in Detroit. Odis does a great job at establishing a rapport with the mentees in the B2M mentoring program.

Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe, PhD
CEO and Founder, Student African American (SAAB National Headquarters)
University of Toledo

Odis Bellinger is getting it done and making it happen!” If you want to see your young men take it to another level, exposure to the work of Mr. Bellinger is an absolute must!

Principal Kafele
International Educational Speaker and Consultant
Kafele Consulting, LLC
Newark, NJ

Odis has gone above and beyond with this program by implementing the volunteer based community service program, Building Better Men (B2M) mentoring program. He has established many community partnerships within the metropolitan area of Detroit, as well as Detroit proper. Mr. Bellinger is the author for the Male Responsibility Leadership Program that is within the Detroit Public School system and surrounding school districts. Mr. Bellinger is a very passionate advocate for the development of black males.

Aaron Hopson, JD
Director, Neighborhood Legal Services MI, Children’s Justice Center
Detroit MI

Odis is a man of genuine commitment. He tirelessly works with young adults of all backgrounds, but has a keen focus on those with barriers to success – poverty, lack of parental support, absent fathers, inferior education, and incarceration. As a lifelong resident of Detroit, He has witnessed firsthand the precarious plight of many of our young people. His commitment to assist young people is reflected in the fact that he has completed extensive research on conflict resolution, violence prevention techniques and socio-economic issues affecting youth and young adults, primarily African-American males. Odis utilizes a creative approach in his “No Reason Why You Can’t Win” attitude toward negative thinking and excuse-laden lifestyles to help young people understand their inner gifts. He has been recognized by many media outlets for his community based work in the City of Detroit.

Patrick O. Lindsey
Vice President, Government & Community Affairs
Wayne State University (MI)

Mr. Bellinger has just begun working with the youth at our elementary school and he is phenomenal!! Every time I’ve come into contact with him he is engaging, punctual, pleasant, professional, truthful, expressive, and knows his stuff. I did not hesitate to put him before my young male students because I knew he would meet them at their levels and connect with them. I am excited for my students to be in his presence because I want them to hear his story, understand how he was able to overcome, and put themselves in his shoes and claim success for themselves! Mr. Bellinger is a wonderful addition to our family and we count it a blessing for our students to hear the message he has to offer.

Nakia Banks
Detroit Public Schools
Middle School Counselor

Over half the school’s populations were male students deficient in the content areas of Math, Writing and Reading. The school data team was then required to seek out programs that would increase student attendance, thereby increasing the academic scores on standardized tests. The team instituted the Male Responsibility program. Mr. Bellinger was a motivator and a mentor who instilled values in our male students. He was like a “father” figure to our students. Not only would he implement his program, he would consult with the teachers who were having problems developing a bond with some of the male students. He conducted private and personal meetings with teachers. He made himself available to the entire staff, he spoke at district and departmental meetings, he communicated with parents and he spoke with our school community shareholders. He exceeded our expectations and was an instrumental part to our school growth.

In approximately two months the data team reconvened to find that attendance amongst our young males was higher on days in which Mr. Bellinger was present. We also noticed that our student achievement increased. Research has clearly shown that when students come to school, they are more likely to achieve academically.

Catrina Vaughn
Detroit Public Schools, Curriculum Leader (past)

Mentorship is extremely important for young males. I am very proud of the work that Odis Bellinger has started in Detroit and nationally to help mentor young males. I have known Odis for thirty years. We attended grade school together, and I have known him to be a highly motivated athlete, and disciplined academic student. Odis has a real dedication, commitment, and passion to help our youth. I am excited about the B2M mentoring program. Programs such as B2M mentoring will help to build better men by mentoring young males. We need this program in communities across the country.

Senior Pastor Joel Gregory
LinkedUP Church
Atlanta, GA

Odis Bellinger’s commitment to the development of our young black men empowers our future and inspires our nation. His investment in their lives, exposing them to information, opportunities, and relationships, has the power to shape generations to come. Keep up the great work!

Andre Ebron, CEO
Ebron & Associates

Odis Bellinger was invited to be our guest speaker at the 2013 National Alliance of Black School Educators’ (NABSE) Instruction and Instructional Support (IIS) Commission luncheon in Detroit, MI in 2013. He presented excellent and inspiring information as he spoke on “Taking the EXTRA step” to the audience.

We are looking forward to having him participate in our next NABSE IIS Commission session in 2014. Mr. Bellinger provides an audience with thoughts and ideas they can use the next day to improve their skills.

Gerri Bohanan
(NABSE)National Alliance of Black School Educators Chair Instruction & Instructional Commission
Baltimore, Maryland

Odis Bellinger and the work he does with Building Better Men (B2M), and the Male Leadership Institute is far and away stellar. I have seen the countless Males grow, develop, and become leaders themselves, as a result of participating in the numerous programs and mentoring provided by Odis and his teachings. His understanding, passion and consistency are par excellent. So proud to have known and watched him for over the last 20+ yrs. Job Well Done and growing Sir.

Ed Womack
The Life Transformer
TIPS Academy
Atlanta, GA

I first came across Mr. Bellinger's Facebook post about his mentoring program for young black men.. It really sparked my interest because I to have a 16 year old son who is in the need of a good mentor.. I believe that his organization is doing an awesome job helping our young brothers get to where they need to be... And I wish nothing but the best of luck for him and his program... God Bless.

Crystal Mallet

Overcame drugs, women, violent lifestyle

Anthony Haynes
Stanley Steamer
Detroit, MI

B2M program does a great job with connecting the young men in the community with the men in the community. I've seen these young men go to various ball games and and different conferences and come back enriched. This program is great for the community and I pray for its continued success

Chef Xaviar Jaramillo
Xav's Catering
Farmington Hills, Michigan

I have known Mr. Bellinger for over 20 years. He has always have a passion to help young men realize their potential and purpose. He has a heart for service and is transparent with his own personal story of life without a father. He is determined to make a change in the life of young men. He is the definition of a change maker.

Michelle McDonald
Sarica Enterprises
Eastpointe, Mi

Great program

Detroit, MI

Mr.Bellinger makes the community a better place by this amazing program he has taught at the Academy of Warren since November he is trustworthy and we know that if anyone isnt there he is thanks for all your mental help B2M

malik carter
Detroit , Michigan

I first saw Odis Bellinger speak at my school and absolutely loved his story and the rawness. Later, I interviewed Mr. Bellinger for an english project and through the phone I could tell he is truly passionate about what he does and is dedicated to helping others. Very understanding and intelligent.

Sophie Lin
Troy, MI

The Building Better Men program has had a great impact on my son. This program has helped him to understand his role as not only a young man, but soon a man. Mr. Bellinger you are an excellent Life Coach to these young men.

Chaora Berry
Precise Measures Consulting LLC
Southfield, MI

I am both grateful and humbled for being able to serve the young men of the City of Detroit.

Odis Bellinger
Detroit, MI