Male Responsibility Institute


Our Vision

Our vision is to raise awareness about the seriousness of fatherlessness in our communities.


Our mission is to empower young men with the skills needed to become leaders in their community.

Builder Better Men Program Objectives:

– To stress the importance of obtaining an education, and how it can lead to a life of success.

– To help disregard violence as a way of settling disputes.

– To embrace the idea of living a drug-free life.

– To instill a sense of cultural pride as well as unconditional respect for women, children, and people alike.

– To help understand their own personal value as it related to himself, his family, and society in general.

-To organize and coordinate a support network that allows families to become aware of the resources available to them.

– To emphasize the importance of proper dieting and exercise needed for overall body development.

-To research and study the strategies of successful African Americans and to implement those strategies into the lives of young men.